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We are writing our manifesto, it will appear here as it gets written.

In the meantime, if you have any burning issues you want addressed, e-mail us with them - see the contact section.

Our five main concerns with the current situation are:

1 - A tax systems that punishes hard work and frugality

2 - An election system that imposes the will of the minority on the needs of the majority

3 - The desecration of the planet in pursuit of profit and material possessions

4 - A population of 60 million three-year old spoilt brats creating an economy driven by debt

5 - A crime and punisnment system where the offender commits the crime and the offendee get

      the punishment.

Other major concerns with the current situation are:

1 - Membership of the Federal Republic of Europe ('against our wills papa, against our wills')

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2 - An imigration system that is destroying the fabric of society by failing to demand

     responsibility for the privilege of citizenship. 

3 - The crap that is fed to people that is laughingly called 'food'.